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Salt Lake City isn’t just home to majestic mountains and breathtaking landscapes; it’s also a haven for pizza lovers. For the adventurous contractor cruising down State Street in their newly leased Ram 2500, or the small business owner making deliveries around the Avenues in their Jeep Grand Cherokee, there’s always time to indulge in a slice. Let’s embark on a delightful journey to explore some of UFM’s favorite local pizzerias.

Big Daddy’s Pizza: All Day, All Night Indulgence

Tucked away near the city center, Big Daddy’s Pizza is a regional gem known for its 24/7 service. Here, freshness meets flavor with every order. Whether you’re craving their savory Coronary Pizza after a long workday or wish to indulge in the buttery delight of Cinnamon Strussel, Big Daddy’s Pizza never disappoints. And for the brave-hearted, the Double Decker Pizza is a must-try, with a crusty surprise that awaits you on top.

Wasatch Pizza: A Slice of Salt Lake Legacy

Perched close to the heart of Salt Lake’s Wasatch Front, Wasatch Pizza is a name that resonates with authenticity. Since 1996, they’ve been redefining the pizza experience. Using house-made dough, rich sauces, and a plethora of high-quality toppings, every pizza tells a story. Dive into the Great Scott, a mix of traditional flavors, or take on the meaty challenge with the Widowmaker. And if you’re up for a spicy twist, the Hells Backbone packs a punch with a kick of buffalo sauce.

Litza’s Pizza: A Utah Classic

Journeying through the streets of Sugarhouse or cruising by Liberty Park, a stop at Litza’s Pizza is a must for every pizza aficionado. Established in 1965, this local chain has been crafting pizzas with love and an unmatched dedication to quality. Their Kings Peak pizza brings together the rich flavors of olives, pepperoni, and mushrooms, while the Litzas Meatza is a carnivore’s dream come true. And for those who like to experiment, the Mt. Olympus offers a unique blend of honey mustard sauce topped with chicken and a BBQ drizzle.

The UFM Promise: Journey Beyond Pizza

While the streets of Salt Lake City serve up some unforgettable pizzas, remember that United Fleet Management is here to ensure you have the perfect vehicle for all your city adventures. From our top-notch Ram 1500 truck lease to the sleek Jeep Grand Cherokee lease, we’re dedicated to supporting your business journey.UFM believes in uncompromised quality, whether it’s in the vehicles we lease or the pizzas we recommend. Remember, it’s not just about leasing; it’s about Commercial Leasing Made Easy! Dive into our truck and SUV leasing services tailored for small businesses and contractors and find the perfect vehicle match for your next pizza run.

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