The Road Less Traveled: Unique Uses of Work Vehicles That Can Expand Your Business Horizons

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Explore New Opportunities with UFM’s Diverse Fleet

Welcome to a world where work vehicles are not just a means of transportation but a catalyst for business innovation and growth. At United Fleet Management, we understand that every business has unique needs, and our diverse fleet of work vehicles is designed to meet those needs, empowering your business to explore uncharted territories.

The Versatility of Work Vehicles

A. Industries and Applications

Discover how a range of industries leverage work vehicles to drive their success:


Delivery Services

From local groceries to global e-commerce giants, delivery vans and box trucks are the backbone of efficient delivery systems.

Construction and Heavy Duty Tasks

Utilize flatbed trucks, dump trucks, and cranes for construction projects and large-scale transportation.

Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture and Farming: Robust trucks equipped for agriculture help in crop farming, livestock production, and farmers' market transportation.

Specialized Services

From HVAC and plumbing to electricians and junk removal, the right commercial vehicle ensures reliability and efficiency for service providers.

Vending Machine Services & Movers

Tailor-fit trucks for vending machine businesses and movers enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

B. Future Trends

Stay ahead of the curve with insights into future trends:

  • Battery-Powered Vehicles: Embrace eco-friendly options with battery-powered light work vehicles, ideal for in-town use.
  • Autonomous Technology: Explore the potential of autonomous heavy-duty trucks, especially for long-haul transportation.

Why Choose UFM?

A. Benefits of Leasing with UFM

  1. Unlimited Miles: Drive as much as your business demands without worrying about mileage limits.
  2. No Down Payment: Start using your vehicle immediately without a hefty initial investment.
  3. No Long-term Upkeep: Avoid the hassle and cost of maintaining an aging fleet.
  4. No Registration Fees: We handle all registration processes, saving you time and money.
  5. Lease-to-Own Option: Enjoy the flexibility to own your fleet eventually.

B. Additional Services

  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: Our policies cover accidents, property damage, and cargo, with clear information on deductibles and eligibility.
  • Accident Procedures and Support: UFM provides step-by-step guidance in case of accidents, ensuring a smooth insurance process and minimal downtime.

Enhance Your Business with the Right Vehicle

A. Finding the Perfect Match

  • Wide Range of Vehicles: Choose from delivery vans, refrigerated trucks, utility vehicles, and more to match your specific business needs.
  • Custom Upfitting Options: Tailor your vehicle with specific modifications like cranes, lifts, or custom storage solutions.

B. How to Get Started

  1. Assess Your Needs: Determine the type and scale of vehicle your business requires.
  2. Consult with UFM Experts: Our team can guide you through selecting the perfect vehicle and leasing plan.
  3. Seamless Leasing Process: Experience a hassle-free process from selection to lease agreement.

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